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This website contains the full music album composed by Amr El Labban available for download. The music album is distributed by Dr. Mohsen El Sayed Professor in The Music Institute. The album contains twelve soft and slow music tracks. The website also contains some pictures for Egypt, The Pyramids, The Nile, Luxor ,Aswan and Papyrus. The images may be viewed while listening to the free music available in the music page. Some of the music tracks of this album were selected by the Egyptian Television for some programs. One of the tracks is used as the intro of the famous Good Morning Egypt Program.

Definition of music

Music is the language of universal expression, and music is the language we hear in everything in life at home from television, computer and at work, in mobile phone rings and in transportation. Each person has a color and an acoustic layer of his own. There is coarse sound, there is soft, soft voice, there is the strong and the weak one, and there is the voice that reflects tenderness or that reflects cruelty. The voices are different according to their source: there is the voice of man, the voice of nature, the sound of animals and birds, and the sound of machines. The voices do not end and the sound is replaced by silence not to hear a voice. There is no doubt that the most creative voices are the voice of man, because he can arrange it as he likes and volunteer as he wants. We can summarize this definition that music is the art and language and science