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Amr Ellabban Albums
naghamat hadeaa slow music naghamat hadeaa free download
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Fenon (Arts)


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Zohor (Flowers)
Hamasat (Whisper)
Farha (Happy)
Lilah (Night)
Sharkiat (Oriental)
Hodowaa (quite)
Shrowk (Sun Raises)
Ehssas (Feelings)
listen to the music downolad the music file



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Exclusive Track in This Album is The Soundtrack of the widely spread Egyptian program "Good Morning Egypt"and its name : Sharkiat (Oriental).See The Pyramids and Listen To THE Egyptian Music.This Album is Musical Distributed and Executed By Dr.Mohsen Al Sayed Professor in the faculty of Musical Education.

Musical staff

In the result or on the music part of the performer and this is a sign that the musician must perform a trill, a rapid rotation between the two notes.

The music track is used to notate musical scores over lines and spaces. It is five lines parallel and equal in length and distances of dimensions including four spaces: the countdown lines of musical staff start from the bottom to the top, the line in the musical staff also takes its musical score, according to the minor key on the first of the staff, the music track is divided into equal time scales, this division is done by vertical lines on the musical staff, called the scale separators and at the end of the piece a double score is placed to indicate the end of the melody. The forms of musical scores, including the signs of silence trapped between the lines, form what we call a scale or a masquerade, and the total duration of scores within a single scale shall be equal to each of the other scales. If there are two white scores on the first scale, each scale should have two white scores or the equivalent of time, it means four black or eight scores with nib.

Time scale

The scale is divided into two, three or four parts. Each part of the scale is called time or rhythm. To find out the number of times in each scale, a number is placed on the first runway and immediately after the music key and the weight is written in two figures on top of each other.

Music Tags

Music scores, sounds in music and scale music are all synonyms for one thing. It consists of seven signs and the eighth sound repeater of the first sound: du-ri-mi-fa-seol-la-si-do. These seven signs called the octave. It is the smallest distance between two different signs of the same name. It means that the distance between what we call a decision and an answer. That is, the music consists of seven signs or musical sounds, which are repeated upwards and become more acute and called the answer. (It means the high sound) and repeated downhill so it becomes more intense and called the decision - the intensity of the voice and its intensity. The name of the music tag is determined by the key used at the beginning of the staff.


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