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 Naghamat Hadeaa (slow music)


Fenon (Arts)




Zohor (Flowers)


Hamasat (Whisper)




Farha (Happy)


Lilah (Night)


Sharkiat (Oriental)


Hodowaa (quite)


Shrowk (Sun Raises)


Ehssas (Feelings)


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Exclusive Track in This Album is The Soundtrack of the widely spread Egyptian program "Good Morning Egypt"and its name : Sharkiat (Oriental).See The Pyramids and Listen To THE Egyptian Music.This Album is Musical Distributed and Executed By Dr.Mohsen Al Sayed Professor in the faculty of Musical Education.

Classic music

Classical music is an experience of its own, unlike the rest of the music that serves the content of the song. In classical music, the music plays

the role of partner with the musical text, as it is always presented in an atmosphere of serenity, where the audience listens to the musician in an atmosphere of calm and stillness, and this is a respect for musical art and the performers do not have direct contact with the listening audience, like the rest of the music.

Types of Classical music

The Symphony

The origin of this word is Greek and is derived from the first two terms meaning "together" and the second word meaning "voice" which sounds concurrent with each other.


It is composing music for the sound of musical instruments to replace the human voice. The performance is performed on one instrument such as a violin, two or three, and the rest are secondary instruments next to this main instrument. The word "concerto" is Latin “concertare “and means effort or struggle, or from the word “concertatus” and means the participation of several voices together. Concerto also consists of three melodies: the first melody is the longest of the three melodies and its rhythms is fast, and the second melody is a quiet melody; the third melody is in the form of a solo playing by a certain instrument player

that reflects all his musical abilities and the band concludes with the instrumentalist.


It is a Greek word that means the distance between the stage and the audience. It uses many musical instruments of different types of string instruments and rhythmic. The average number of performers is about twenty. This number may be reduced or even increased to 100. Arrangement of the instrumentalists: String instruments first and behind them the pneumatic instruments and then from the back all the rhythmic instruments. The places of the orchestras vary according to the music provided. In opera and ballet there is a dedicated place between the stage and the audience seats. Other works, including symphonic works, sit on the same stage.

Music is an art of voices and silence over a period of time. Scientists believe that the word is a Greek music origin. It used to mean the arts in general but later became only the language of melodies. The word "music" has been defined as melody, an industry in which it seeks to organize the melodies and the relationships between them and the rhythms. Music is the art of looking for the nature of melodies in terms

of agreement and dissonance. The composition of the music and its performance and even its definition of origin vary depending on the cultural and social context. Music is also played by various instruments: organic (human voice, clapping), blowing machines (flute, trumpet), string (such as oud, guitar and violin), and electronic (elongated). Music performances vary from orchestrated music to free music that is sometimes unrestricted. It includes not only playing but also drums and harmonica music.


Free Music free photos opera program newspapers about us Journaux Francais contact us home page

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